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Hee_Haw 09-21-2007 06:50 AM

Na Wahine O Ke Kai
Any paddlers here? Anyone competing?

Molokai will temporarily gain about 1000 in population for the next three days as the Na Wahine O Ke Kai cranks up, with about 80 teams of paddlers from all over the world, converging on this tiny island.

People camp everywhere here. There are only about 120 hotel rooms in the three major venues here (The Lodge, Hotel Molokai, Kaluakoi), and of course, lots of "vacation rentals" (people who buy houses as investments and rent them out for income)...but lots of teams camp in the parks, people's garages, the beaches, and on escort boats.

The locals here scramble to get supplies (food, beer, etc.) because even though the two stores on island stock up, they cannot predict how much and of what kinds of supplies will sell out first. And with our primary transport being Young Brothers coming only twice a week (last run just yesterday), we just brace and hope that we don't run out of TP or anything similarly vital, like beer.

The people started to flow in yesterday, and you could feel the effects. I was in Subway (only franchise fast-food here), and 15 people walked in the door. The workers were pleased but slammed, it was amusing to hear the mainland people be so picky when ordering sandwiches (I want mayonnaise, and ONLY A BIT of Honey Mustard...yeah, only some dots here and there, two layers of cucumbers....)...Molokai people just say "put the works on it"...

Today will be interesting. The airport will be absolutely jam packed as every flight coming in today is FULL. The rental car companies already are booked solid. People are calling me at work to see if I have cars to lend out (I don't) or rooms to use (we're full with our own canoe teams staying here). I'm gonna try to avoid Main Street (the only street with most of the stores etc.) today...I know it'll be a contrast between the laid-back culture here and the high-intensity mainland paddlers who'll probably want everything "now, now, now". Lots of others, however, are glad to be here and just "kick back".

On Sunday, the island will probably tilt a little bit as about 1/3 of Molokai goes down to Hale O Lono Harbor for the start of the race. It looks like Aloha Stadium on football day down there, everyone cooking, non-paddlers partying, and at 7:25 am, the race begins!

Then the stampede as all the support crews who didn't paddle scramble out of the harbor (3 miles up a dirt road), and head back to the airport to fly back to Honolulu before the canoes reach Waikiki. The locals pack up and mosey out, and by 9:00am, the place will be mostly deserted.

Hee_Haw 09-22-2008 12:21 PM

NWOKK 2008
Well, a year is past, and it's time again.

Except this time New Hope is OHCRA Central for the next two Molokai distance races.

Thursday the officials arrive and set up shop. Food, merchandise, meetings with coaches, boat captains, and a team meeting. I'll be speaking at the chapel service on Saturday night (keeping it short because some NH girls have something to do also).

This place will be crawling with tanned women. Some with big muscles. Bigger than mines. Some really curvy. :really: Our three women's teams arrive on Friday and Saturday, and rigging is on Saturday afternoon at the Hale O Lono harbor (a 1 hour drive from here).

Focus, Kyle, focus!

I really hope all goes well, as this is the first (and probably last) time that we'll get to host the main officiants for this race. No drinky here, though, so it might not be too crazy... the saucy ones will probably go to the Hotel Molokai to party and get plastered before the races (these paddlers have amazing ability to metabolize alcohol into energy).

I have a dozen braddahs coming also, besides our Paddling Coaches Charlie Thurston, Cy Kalama, and Blaine Gaison to tie it all together. I'm actually looking forward to this, it always goes well.

MsStang808 09-22-2008 12:40 PM

Wow, it must be abuzz with exciting activity! I always wanted to join a paddling group but I don't have to time to dedicate to a team just yet... gotta get through this year of internship and maybe I'll have some time free up on me.

Better women in the swimsuits than a grip of dudes in Speedos.

idiosyncratic 09-22-2008 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by Hee_Haw
Focus, Kyle, focus!

when you focus, can you take pics of these hawties... uh... i mean women atheletes. :photo: tyvm.


Originally Posted by Hee_Haw
(these paddlers have amazing ability to metabolize alcohol into energy).

hmm. i believe the idio will have to work on this ability... perhaps he needs to start drinking! or at least start paddling... nvm. :giveup: sounds like a lotta work

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