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Default Plasti-dip on Vehicles

Anyone else try it?

I used black plasti-dip (spray cans) on my truck's fender flares (see garage picture for what it look like). The original color was the factory red, but when I got the truck, it had been worn/ sun faded/ dinged up here and there. I had wanted to try doing the whole truck in gray or black, but decided to try the fenders first with spray cans to see how it would look. Used one can per side (2 flares per can, 4 coats).
Came out pretty good! It even covers over some minor paint defects (scrapes and pits). Not hard to keep clean, just a wipe with an animal skin chamois (not the artificial or terry cloth towels as it tends to "stick" to the dipped areas). And when it scraped and peeled a bit, I just trimmed off the loose part, sprayed over, and voila! like new.

Mike, I know you did a feature car (a Hyundai I think) that was dipped in a splatter/chameleon type color. Who did that one? I was wondering if there was a local carrier of bulk dip that we can buy at retail (besides ordering from DipMyCar dot com). Still might do my truck in light gray or white (gray might look like primer or the side of a battleship LOL )

If you haven't dipped your car, you should at least try it on your emblems to "black them out". It's a lot easier than I thought it would be.
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