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Welps...are you military?

Hawaii is a no-fault insurance state...and it sounds like you've got the insurance part covered already. First things first then, go get your safety inspection.

You'll need to register with the state within 10 days of receiving the vehicle, as well as with the base if you're military. If you're keeping the vehicle with it's home plates, then all you'll need is a safety inspection in order to get registered. This is the way to go, IMHO, because you won't have to pay taxes and deal with all that blah here. Freakin' expensive here.

If you're going to swap over, then you'll just need to head over to the DMV and register new plates. You'll need proof of insurance (has to be the original, mailed version), as well as your safety inspection.

You don't necessarily need recon unless the safety inspector tells you that you's up to you whether or not you want to do one before the other. I guess if you think you're gonna fail then you can go sign up for it.

You won't need the Hawaii Registration from what I understand to get your recon and safety. They're independant of each other.

Hope that helps, it's been awhile since I registered my car from another state (2004), but that should be it.
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