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Default Sad, Hoping this is isolated case

Murder on Molokai

I know the victim's brother (not really close friends, but someone I saw and talked to, since he lives in remote Halawa Valley full-time, with no electricity, utilities, water from the stream, etc.).

Sad. Hopefully it will reveal the truth, hate to say it, but there is a severe drug problem on Molokai, high meth use (when I lived there), but mostly petty property crimes (stealing small items and trying to sell it off to friends for money)...small island, everyone knows everything about everyone.

The person they arrested, the report says he has "no local address". So is he an invasive species, or a friend of a friend who happens to bring a brand of "not on this island" to Molokai.

I hope justice is served well, that island needs none of that. Auwe.
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