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Originally Posted by idiosyncratic View Post
^I find it fascinating that there are others who are actually considering what I thought was one of my wacky ideas: a man made fishing pond. Mine will have tilapias, guppies, and whatever else that can coexist with them... comets seem to be one since I have one swimming with my tilapias in my aquaponic system.

I may have to consider other species of fish if I'm to move to the mainland someday since tilapias can't survive winter temperatures.

FREE: I have a 50 gal tank that has a leak, I'm sure it's fixable if someone has the time to reseal the edges. The leak is at a corner up about 2/3rds of the way up. I actually have put water in it and it still holds, it's just when I fill it up to the top is where you'll see it leak. Glass is still good. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll post this in the classifieds when I have the time later. I'm in Kalihi.
I always wanted a long trough like pond infront of my house with a walkway bridge that went over it to the front door.

Anyway, my aunty had a huge pond with a gazebo infront of her house. She lived on the big island so it was easier with the lava rocks and natural spring water.
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