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I always wanted a long trough like pond infront of my house with a walkway bridge that went over it to the front door.

Anyway, my aunty had a huge pond with a gazebo infront of her house. She lived on the big island so it was easier with the lava rocks and natural spring water.
Awesome! I'd like to make a small pond here at our home, and our landlord is pretty good with it, but my wife knows I'd have a hard time with even a small (like 2 x 4 feet, 1 foot deep) above-ground pond. The regular maintenance part (especially since it would not be filtered).

Plus over here has lots of toads; a friend made a decent sized pond (10' x 10', 2' deep, hand laid corner pavers forming a square form, and laid a vinyl liner, then filled with water and finished with flat rocks as a border.) for his water lilies. He only put medaka in the pond to control mosquitoes, not anything substantial like tilapia, koi, or cichlids to control tadpoles. Within 2 months the pond was inundated with (what looked like) zillions of tadpoles! He ended up draining it and putting the water lilies in smaller wet pots.
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