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Originally Posted by Ronin
This may suck for the bike owners.

My friend had his bike stolen back in 2001 and HPD called him up 3 years later to tell him they think they found it.

VINs on the frame had been tampered with but they were able to trace it using the engine #.

When he went down to ID the bike, he was surprised everything he had bought for it had actually remained on the bike for all these years.

Problem was, even though he ID'd the bike as his. The cops told him he couldn't take the WHOLE bike with him since there was NO WAY to actually prove that the frame was actually his. So they only allowed him to take the engine with him and thats it.

sucks...we ended up selling the engine on FH or craigslist. The guy who bought it looked shaddy.

I remember walking away after we sold the engine talking to my friend about how we probably recycled the engine back into the stolen bike black
They should be able to apply acid the the neck to check the VIN.
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