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That's kinda what I was thinking of doing too. We have gutters already and our house is kinda big so I'm pretty sure one half decent rain will fill up a 55gal drum like nothing. I wonder if I can rig up some kind of pump to pump water to the highest point on our property to gravity feed it back down. Although that may be stupid and should just use the pump to pump the water out into the plants directly. Hmmm I'll have to talk to my dad about this one. Thanks!

That's our barrel system. Those were recycled syrup barrels from a friend, they're normally all sealed except for small screw on cap fittings. I cut off the lids with a circular saw and fit them on loosely, flipping the lids so they act like rain catchers. Drilled holes so the rain can drip in and it keeps leaves and other big things out. Amazingly, there are no mosquitoes that breed in the barrels.

You cannot see the hose bibbs since they're turned away from the camera. But my wife just pops the lids and scoops water out and has a watering can and hand sprinklers so she can water the veggies.
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