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leaf springs... for the 2nd gen. i hardly worked on the rear on my 3rd gens, IIRC those have coil springs like my 4th gen.

along with a quicker ratio steering box, i would imagine you would also buy the thicker bars for the front and rear to improve handling (see hot rod magazine)... the braces and subframe stuff... and new springs (front and rear) with a higher rate and some stiffer adjustable racing shocks.

also, lowering the vehicle to bring the center or gravity down with after market spindles would also be my best guess to make a drifting machine out of the 2nd gen. you would also want MORE power because its a heavy car.... or gut it out to lighten it up... that would help.

does that sound about right, drifters?

also... post some info about your engine.. there's alot of inexpensive combos out there to get you in the 300-400 hp level without breaking the bank and using nitrous. the suspension stuff is expensive, though.

one more thing, it seems to be common knowledge that the front frame rail where the steering box is mounted can crack under twisting... for the 2nd gens. classic industries has helped me before with some tech info.
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