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Default Sand Drags - Apr 17th - Win a free Skydive!

Sand Drags Second Race of the Season! Apr 17th! Win a tandem skydive from Pacific Skydiving Center! If you'd like to book a reservation, call Holly Almeida @ 372-4218! Plus, don't forget our special purses for the Unlimited, Bike & Quad classes!

The special prize retails at $278.00, giving you 20 seconds of free fall and about a 6 minute parachute ride on the way down. Pacific Skydiving Center has other options available such as hiring a camera man to film your entire jump and even a HIGHER ALTITUDE SKYDIVE available. Whom ever wins the skydive can always upgrade for $35 to the ULTIMATE skydive. The Ultimate skydive drops at a higher altitude and is retailed at $319.00.

Pacific Skydiving Center is the olnly company that can guarentee the altitude...if you don't get the altitude, then you dont pay! Pacific Skydiving Center is a member of the Better Business Bureau and are the only company that has 100 % safety record. That means NO accidents in 19 years of business. So come experience Sand Drags, and enter to win the wildest ride of your life with Pacific Skydiving Center! For reservations, contact Holly at 637-7472!

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