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Specific Forum Rules


Adult Discussion

To enter Adult Discussion, you must be of legal age (18 or older), and must be in the AD Usergroup. GO here to join: and select AD. You should then have access.

1. Most of the rules have been explained in the Site Rules: General Rules section, but HT reiterates that posts and topics cannot get too out of hand, along with the photos, links, etc that are posted within the Adult Discussion section. Posters are responsible for their content. Any violations of any of the rules of the board will result in an immediate ban of the user/s.

Keep it civil, keep it fairly clean, and keep it gentlemanly...or gentlewomanly, whatever the case may be. Inappropriate content will be deleted immediately. Again, no graphic nudity (nudity is allowed...just not crazy stuff!), no S&M, no child pornography, no bestiality, etc. The quickest way to get booted off the board is to take it too far.

2. Hawaii Talks will not and cannot be held responsible for the content within the Adult Discussion section. You have been warned. Moderators will police this section regurally, but it is impossible to safeguard this area (or any other area of the board) 24/7. If something inappropriate has been posted, please PM or report it to the forum Admins or Moderators so they can take care of the issue as quickly as possible.

3. Adult Discussion is an ADULT section, and should be considered as such. No users of this board, members or non-members under the age of 18 have permission to view this section. If you are under 18, and you are viewing this section...GET OUT. You do not have permission to be there. Parents should monitor their children to ensure close adherence of this guideline. Do not blame Hawaii Talks for your inattention to your child.

Hawaii Talks has specific rules and safeguards in place to prevent this such as COPPA, and the fact that the Adult Discussion section is invisible to anyone under the age of 18, along with being unable to enter or post.


Photopost Gallery

1. The Photopost Gallery has been provided as a free service for registered members. We ask you not to abuse this priviledge, lest it be taken away. If we find that any user is using the system outside of these forums for profit, illegal use, etc., your gallery rights will be revoked. Using your photopost gallery for your classified ads is perfectly acceptable, but only within the confines of the forum itself. The gallery is for use within strictly within the forums.

2. The gallery has a wealth of options such as creating your own Member Albums for examples. You are highly encouraged to make use of this forum benefit, but do not abuse it. There is to be no nudity allowed. Skimpy bikinis, etc are allowed, but must be within the realms of decency. Extremely large uploads WILL be deleted. Noone should be trying to host huge, 20MB files on our server. We will see it, and it WILL be removed along with having limitations place on your account as punishment.

3. The gallery currently has four public galleries created for it...HT Hotties & Hunnies, HT Photos of Hawaii, HT Rides, & HT Featured Photos (HT Featured Photo gallery is for use only by HT Administrators, where we place photos of special interest to HT). These are public galleries created so that you can share your photos with the rest of the community. Again, you are highly encouraged to use this service as a way of integrating with the community in a constructive way. Show off your rides, yourself, and your favorite photos of our beautiful home. Photos should only be of you or your significant other (with their permission) and again, no nudity is allowed. Featured photos are randomly chosen, and registered users have the ability to comment on and rate your photos. Comments should be in good taste, non-offensive, and provide constructive criticism.

Registered members have the ability to move their own photos to whatever categories they wish, and to create their own personal albums. Currently space is available, but this entire process is still new. We will be monitoring the system, and if it appears that it is being abused, etc., we will put limits on files, sizes, etc. DO NOT ABUSE THIS PRIVILEDGE.

Photographers are highly encouraged to show off their favorite photos as a way to promote themselves or their services. Just remember we don't want to see stuff that looks more like advertisements than photos. Also, if you're uploading content, be forewarned that a watermark is recommended since you are posting to a public domain. Hawaii Talks will not be held accountable for illegal use of any photos posted to the gallery.

4. Throughout the year, we will hold special photo contests, with the possibility of the winner winning prizes from Hawaii Talks. Naturally, this will depend on the success of the forums userbase, but it is a planned in the coming months. We want to reward the users of the forum in a positive way, and what better way than to win something for their hard work.



1. This forum has a special plug-in module that allows registered users to view and play special flash games. This plug-in system is capable of recording your scores, and ranking you amongst your forum peers. Top Ranking players are awarded 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place along with other awards such as Highest Score, etc.

Taking that into account, play smart...don't get caught playing our games during your work hours and then blame us for getting in trouble. You know it's not our fault.

But feel free to play the tar outta the games provided, in attempt to rule the board with your gameplaying supremacy. If you see a flash game that you're interested in, and would like it added to the gallery, PM a moderator or HTAdmin, and we'll take a look at adding it.

2. As with the Photopost Gallery, we will have monthly competitions where the highest scoring or ranking user has the possibility of winning prizes. Again, this depends on the size of the user database, but it is something we look forward to holding in the future. Keep an eye out for forum announcements for Game Tournaments.

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