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1. As with everything on Hawaii Talks, this section is a priviledge, not a right. If you are found to be abusing the classified section, then you will be moderated appropriately. Buyers/Sellers are advised to use caution in their transactions and business dealings. Hawaii Talks will not and cannot be held liable or responsible for any monetary or personal loss from the use of the HT classified section.

2. No ordinary Registered Member has the authorization to do mass or bulk sells similar to such sites as E-Bay. The Classifieds are provided as a means to make money off items you no longer wish to keep, not as side business. Only site sponsors or Registered Members that have been given specific authority to act as a wholesale dealer may participate in such activities as bulk sales. If a member is authorized, he will have an appropriate title underneath his screen name...yet to be determined. Check back to this thread for future updates on this. Any violators will have their threads deleted, and their accounts banned where appropriate.

3. Group buys are limited to one group buy per person, as in a member is only authorized one group buy at a time. Site Sponsors or Authorized Registered Members are the only ones allowed to post several group buys at once. Any violaters will have their threads deleted, and their accounts banned.

4. Please use ratings system. It is there for your own protection and use. Buyers and sellers are highly encouraged to post feedback with this feature. They are also encouraged to rate the buyer/seller appropriately after their transaction. This helps clarify to the community who can be trusted and who cannot. Buyers/Sellers that are reported will be investigated thoroughly, and be dealt with accordingly. DO NOT TRY TO RIP PEOPLE OFF. YOU WILL BE BANNED AND ALL AVAILABLE PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE FORWARDED TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES.

5. There are MANY scams going around the internet. Periodically, we will provide information on such scams and how to avoid them. Please take care when using the classifieds, as Hawaii Talks has no direct control over the transactions taking place. Protect your personal and account information. Do not post your credit card information on the boards. Hawaii Talks will not and cannot be held accountable for any transactions, successful or otherwise, that you choose to partake in.

6. If you feel that you have been treated poorly, unfairly, or have been ripped off, please report the situation to a moderator. We will investigate thoroughly, and do everything in our power to help you out.

7. Post in the appropriate not spam the entire board with your For Sale or Wanted ads. These will be deleted and you will be moderated swiftly. Please post the appropriate ad in the appropriate ad section as well. Any ads found in the wrong section will be deleted...not moved.

8. Vendors are required to become site sponsors if you wish to advertise and sell your products/services on Hawaii Talks. Contact HTAdmin for current prices. Our prices are extremely affordable, and we have several options for you to partake in. A price list will be up soon.

9. No duplicate posting will be allowed. Registered Members (including Site Sponsors) are authorized one listing for each product. Duplicate posts will be deleted.

10. In order to post a classified listing, your location tag must have your exact place of residence (i.e., Kalihi, Oahu,HI). ALL of your contact information must be given before the transaction and verified by the buyer/seller before completing said transaction. This includes:


Any buyers/sellers that refuse to provide this information will have their ad deleted upon notification if there is a complaint. If you are interested in purchasing a product, you are encouraged to request this information beforehand, otherwise you risk being ripped off. Any buyer/seller refusing to exchange this information will have their ad deleted.

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