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Originally Posted by young_version
i know what it is, i didnt even get this one i can get it now and dont have too wait till next next month to get it. so my money is on the mini ta05.

you are
mines better! no mines better!
Mamba max 5700kv
see you later homie
Yo, Kila. I was referring to this stuff. I know how you really talk trash and it was funny because you haven't really started trash talking on this forum, yet.

I figured that you got the Atlas Mini Beat because it was different. My opinion if I was going to buy a belt drive was that I would have bought the new Road Runner mainly due to the value. Besides being shaft driven, I bought the Genetic because it was a good value and ABC has a pretty good reputation. I know it doesn't look like it, but for me, my Genetic is really my low budget race car with a bunch of my spare parts.
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