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Default HawaiiTalks.Net Repair Log - Updated 1/27/2014

Due to the severe hacking attack we experienced in December, HawaiiTalks.Net has had to be re-built from the ground-up while ensuring no exploits exist.

Many add-ons have been disabled and the forum has some missing features. This will be a list of the modifications added or removed in the coming days. Thanks for your support!


1/27/2014 - Stock Trader
1/27/2014 - vBCredits
1/27/2014 - Arcade Upgraded to 2.7.2! Enjoy!
1/28/2014 - Added Tapatalk for Mobile
1/28/2014 - Fixed Auto Media Embedding! Embed any video link you can imagine just by pasting the link!
1/28/2014 - Repaired Sponsors and Affiliates pages
1/28/2014 - Repaired Status Icons
1/28/2014 - Added New Style - NewHTStyleWithoutFacebook for people who don't want Facebook Comments integrated (speed issue)

1/27/2014 - PhotoPost Gallery due to major exploit
1/27/2014 - Classifieds due to non-use
1/27/2014 - Reviews due to non-use
1/27/2014 - Many older styles that were no longer used
1/27/2014 - Reduced or removed certain empty forums in an effort to consolidate


Postbit Repair & Revamp
Navigation Repair

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