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Unread 02-05-2014, 09:04 AM   #1
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Default Headlights (rant enclosed)

How many of you;

1) Have headlights that are not stock.

2) Have headlights that are not white or stock color

3) Have headlights that are IRRITATINGLY BRIGHT.

I have Sylvania Silver Star premium headlight replacements; they're just a hint over the stock "brownish" colored lights. You can see the difference from my factory fog lamps (normal halogen lamps).

But some cars and trucks, I swear. I don't know how that's legal. Like really really BLUE ones. And PINK ones. I just saw PURPLE headlights. What?

That's irritating enough. But some of those lights need to be adjusted, or weren't made for the stock housings, because they throw light UP, SIDEWAYS, and ALL OVER. I need to flip my mirror sometimes to cut the glare!

When I install my LED driving lights, I will make sure not to point them so they blind other drivers. Noting like a head-on that was caused by my blinding aftermarket lights! Same for my reverse "supplement" lights and additional brake light.

I don't know if these drivers are intentionally trying to be irritating to other drivers. But that's gonna cause an accident soon. So, any of you put those lights (HID retrofits aren't that bad) on your vehicles? What do you think?
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Unread 03-24-2014, 08:01 PM   #2
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I think they're retarded.

Seriously, though, it has a lot to do with the driver's own perception that they are some sort of badass for having ultra-bright, different-color headlights. It has everything to do with the "sin of pride", so to speak, because the aftermarket blue and purple HIDs do NOT illuminate the road better; in fact, their light output is way poorer, and because most of these kits are installed in cars that were never designed for HIDs, they are not beam pattern-correct, and tend to dazzle other drivers, since their halogen reflectors are designed for incandescent halogen bulbs. Also, a proper HID system runs a color temperature of about 4500-5000 Kelvin (about the same as sunlight), yet these idiots run these dark purple HIDs with a 12000-kelvin output and wonder why they can't see the road at night (but they look so cool doing it, right?)

Then we get to the issue of high-wattage halogen bulbs (100-120v), which have to run such high wattage (and upgraded relays to avoid frying the vehicle's electricals) because their bulbs are painted blue or purple, and a factory output of 50 watts will not produce enough lumens at the filament to adequately light the road.

I'll admit, I was young once. And I had high-wattage blue-tinted bulbs in my Slow-rolla. And I thought I was so cool. But after hearing enough negative comments from people (some about my lights, some about ricers in general), I began looking into upgraded lighting from Osram, Hella, and other non-ricey companies that actually focus on safe light output with maximum visibility. And in doing so, I left the clown-lights for the next generation of rice-boys.
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